Crocodile clamps its jaws on zookeeper's head in Thailand - Watch the horrifying video

Ajab Gajab

Crocodile clamps its jaws on zookeepers head in Thailand - Watch the horrifying video

New Delhi: A horrific video has surfaced online where a crocodile is seen bitting a zookeeper's head before violently thrashing him from side to side while he screamed in agony.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the footage, which was filmed a few days back, showed a man performing at one of Thailand's famed crocodile shows for a small group of people on the tourist island of Ko Samui.

In the video, the zookeeper kneels down before a crocodile which is lying with its jaw wide open.

The crocodile remains still while the zookeeper was performing his routine with two wooden sticks for the audience. He then raise the stakes by placing the sticks to one side and shoving his entire head inside the crocodile's mouth.

The man holds his position for ten seconds before the crocodile suddenly clamps its jaws on his head and violently thrashes him around.

He lets out a horrifying scream as the audience watches in shock.

While the zookeeper is left on the ground reeling from his injuries, the crocodile slides back into the water.

Watch the video:


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