Exploded the Box-Office with Business of 43 crores: Bharat


Exploded the Box-Office with Business of 43 crores: Bharat

On EID-2019 Salman Khan's movie Bharat has been released and like all other movies this has also earned a good amount on Box Office.

Salman khan fans waits for EID and Salman gives good EIDI to his fans every year. Each year Salman offers his fans with new plot and appreciable dedication of his towards his work. Bharat has marked the biggest opening till date for all movies of Salman. He always receives steals on EID with his hits. In year 2016 with Sultan he earned 36.54 crores, then in 2017 with Tubelight he earned 21.51croes and on last EID he came with release of Race-3 earning 29.17crores.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar tries to brings out the different phases of Bharat our country through the side of a common man.

Though the movie is given 3 out of 5 stars but has been presented as the Block-Buster released on EID.

The cast of the movie is as follow:

Salman Khan as Bharat

Katrina Kaif as Kumud Raina

Disha Patani as Radha

Sunil Grover as Gauthi

Tabu as Madhu

Jackie Shroff as Bharat's father

On scale of 10 movie has been rated 5.5 and review is as follow:

Bharat owns a ration shop in Old Delhi market, where the foreign investors are keen to make a mall, buying up all the small shops, but he doesn't want to sell it

Flash back mode.....

It's 14th August 1947, a small boy and his family are supposed to take the last train from Lahore to Amritsar, amidst those-chaos and blood-shed. This boy lives his full life, fulfilling the promise he gave to his dad

Salman seen in variety of get ups, ranging in different ages

Clean shaven look

Thin moustache

Black beard middle aged

Grey beard old man

His love for his family and the country is expressed nicely with some good one liners and half known English. He is shown a common man, always available for helping others and sticking with his dad's principles.

Katrina very few well enacted movies of Katrina u will come across

Namastey London

Mere Brother ki Dulhan

Ek Tha Tiger

And now Bharat

Her character here always has a half kg mirchi on her tongue, and working in government dept, she is called MadamSir (name borrowed from Priyanka Chopra's name in Jai Gangajal)

Sunil Grover first time a full fledge supporting role for him. Humour and emotions mixed nicely. Vilayati khan and Bharat go hand in hand everywhere

Disha Patani small role with a well done up song slow motion.

Jackie shroff as Salman's father.

Sonali kulkarni, Kumud mishra, Nora fatehi, Tabu, Brijendra kala and Satish kaushik......all these known faces makes it easy for us, to go on with the movie

Basically the film doesn't have much in it to give to the audience, but that flow will keep on moving, coz it's given a feel good factor, light and emotional, keeping in mind that it is a festival release

Remember that Salman song

Kabhi tu chaliya lagta hai

Kabhi deewana lagta hai

Kabhi anari lagta hai

Kabhi tu majnu lagta hai

Same way, you can see him here different make up, different types

But Mr.Director how can you show him fighting 4 guys at the age of 70, that to single handedly.

One good point mentioned in the movie, 90s gave India 3 superstars

1. SRK

2. Sachin Tendulkar

3. A great finance minister, Dr. Manmohan singh

Not as good as Wanted, Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai but Not as bad as Kick, Race 3 and Tubelight also.

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