Budget Trip at Lansdowne, Uttrakhand


Budget Trip at Lansdowne, Uttrakhand

Want to travel friends under Rs.1500 per person? Lansdowne is the place, nearest hill station from Delhi that is only 250 km from Delhi.

If you are a traveller, you can take your car or bike to the hills which gives you the best experience. If not you can travel there by bus or by train. Book your rail tickets from railway stations in Delhi, The train will drop you at Kotdwar (40km away from Lansdowne), it will cost you around Rs150 (cheapest one). You can take a bus from there which will cost you Rs70-80. The travelling time from Delhi to Kotdwar is 6-8 Hrs and from Kotdwar to Lansdowne 1-2 Hrs.

If you're going there in summers, the rent for the rooms will be higher as there are less guest house as well as resorts. You can get a guest house in Rs1200 per day, which will cost Rs600 per person. If the owner is co-Operative, 3 persons can stay in a single room which will cost you Rs400 per person. There is a place called HINDU DHARAMSHALA in Lansdowne where the owner charges Rs200 per person per single bed. The place wasn't clean enough but you can stay there safe.

The food at Lansdowne is at nominal rates and delicious too. Choose your restaurant or Dhaba wisely. Food per day will cost you around Rs200.

You can travel there on foot as all the main places are nearby, try google maps to get an idea. there are 6-7 places nearby within 5 km Bhulla lake, Bhim Pakoda etc. If you are planning to rent a scooter or bike there, you won't get any service provider there, so please set your mindset how you gonna travel. More comfort more money you have to spend.

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