Salman Khan Says He's 'Fighting' With Himself All the Time


Salman Khan Says Hes Fighting With Himself All the Time

Actor Salman Khan said that he constantly tries to increase the level of whatever good he is doing and does not like to look behind.

In Salman's upcoming film Sultan, there is a line that says wrestling is not a sport, you are fighting what lies within you.

When asked which thing he is fighting in real life, Salman said in a lighter tone: "Where do you get these questions from. How can you put me in a tight spot, this is not fair. You know what, I am fighting within. I think even you are fighting the same thing within."

"I am fighting with myself all the time. I constantly try to up my standard a little bit. That is the only thing I keep fighting. I don't have time to look behind. I try and take small baby steps. Whatever wrong I have done I am trying to cut it down, and whatever good I am doing I am trying to increase that level," the 50-year-old actor said at an event to launch the trailer of Sultan.

In the film, Salman plays a Haryanvi wrestler named Sultan. He has not learnt the language but has tried to get the accent right.

"I have not learnt it. The dialogues used to come and I used to repeat it. She (Anushka Sharma) learnt Haryanvi and she speaks really well," he said.

At that moment, Anushka interrupted and said, "We just got the accent right. We had a coach for it."

The makers of Sultan have shot some portions on real locations, but according to Salman, it is very difficult to shoot at such places.

"There is nothing better than shooting at real locations if things are controlled. But today, it is difficult to shoot at real locations because the amount of crowd, police security is there, it's huge, so it's difficult. So, we shot on sets and little bit on real locations," he said.

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