Top 3 Blazer Outfits For Men


Top 3 Blazer Outfits For Men

Blazer outfits always makes the top rank in trending charts of fashion and style. Blazer always makes the personality more professional and give a gentleman look. We can use Blazers in many occasions as if we are going for a office meeting or we are going in the Parties/Weddings. Giving a gentleman look always makes you look more attractive and if we have the knowledge to match the colours of our outfits, it makes other think about your good fashion knowledge.

The First Outfit – Blue Blazer

The Blue colours always give a bright tone to your outfit. Having a blue blazar can simply make your wardrobe level up. Going with a Blue Blazar with same tone Blue Pants, white shirt inside, brown belt, white sneakers, blue tie and brown colour wrist watch will give you casual as well as professional look.

The Second Outfit – Grey Blazer

For the wedding season we can go with this grey blazer. Having a light tone blazer can make you look different in the crowd. Going with grey blazer with same tone grey pants, black shirt inside, black belt, black formal shoes and black colour wrist watch.

The Third Outfit – Burgundy blazer

Want to look more creative, you can go with this burgundy colour blazer with same tone burgundy pants, white shirt inside, brown tie, brown formal shoes, brown belt and brown colour wrist watch. Going with this outfit in any function or meeting will give you more attention in the crowd and make you look more professional.

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