Summer on head, Here are 10 most easy and helpful drinks for all age groups


Summer on head, Here are 10 most easy and helpful drinks for all age groups

New Delhi : Season of summer has been on its high, making Delhi to suffer with maximum temperature of 43degrees. Delhi the hustlecity has a busy lifestyle of people residing there. Delhi face many big problems in summer season. So it becomes necessary in this season to protect ourselves from many medical problems.

Human skin is porous, which allows the excretion of unwanted residual saline water out of the body as sweat. But a significant loss of body fluid that impairs normal bodily function is called DEHYDRATION. This condition of dehydration is very critical and hence we should maintain ourselves to be a summer fighter.

Avoiding caffeine and going in the path of salad is most appreciated. Drinking alcohol in summer is most loved but the fact is alcohol is harmful in summer, it is proved to a great cause of dehydration. Many thinks staying in bath for long time makes us hydrated unfortunately it doesn't help to stay away from dehydration but helpful in keeping body temperature low. Physical fitness is important for our body but we should abandon it when temperature rises as many can face faintness, vomit and other medical issues too. Consumption of fleshy and juicy fruits helps in good hydrated body. Different hydrating drinks in market like glucon-D helps in good body maintenance.

You can even make many drinks at home which will definitely make your mind fresh. Here are 10 most easy and helpful drinks for all age groups. Following drinks not only help to struggle summer sun but also control and prevent loads of health related issues:

1. Pineapple lemonade

2. Raspberry limoncello prosecco

3. Watermelon slush

4. Raspberry peach iced tea

5. Sparkling cherry lemonade

6. Peach prosecco punch

7. Blueberry lemonade

8. Easy berry sangria

9. Strawberry pineapple mimosas

10.Hite sangria sparkler

More over these drinks, what we need to survive summer is loads of green salad and many more fruits.

So keep eating healthy and drink lots of water to stay hydrated and survive the summer. And say louder to the sun to shine more as we are ready with all precautions.

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