Mahatma Gandhi on Beer Bottle


Mahatma Gandhi on Beer Bottle

An Israeli company to be in high lights used Mahatma Gandhi's portrait

To commemorate 71st independence-day of Israeli a beer company launched a pack of beer which accommodated different famous Celebes as the beer covers in funky faces.

One of the beers had Mahatma Gandhi having shades and a tie-dye shirt. However, the brewery was forced to apologies to hurt the Indian sentiments. Rajya Sabha members expressed concern over the picture of the Mahatma Gandhi on liquor bottles of the Israeli company on Tuesday.

Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu directed S Jaishankar, External Affairs minister to look into the matter.

The beer company manager, Gilad Dror said," we show our heart-felt apology to Indian committee to hurt their sentiments attached to Mahatma Gandhi.

The intention of the company is being said very much far from making fun of mahatma Gandhi as they had a limited edition of beer which was having image of three other Prime Ministers- Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion and Menachem Begin.

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