Air Marshal S B Deo, the Vice Chief of the Indian Air Force (IAF) had given a strong endorsement of the Rafale fighter jets, saying it will give India an "unprecedented" combat advantage, as the Supreme Court agreed to hear next week a plea seeking a stay on the controversial deal with France.

Describing Rafale as a "beautiful" aircraft, Air Marshal S B Deo, the Vice Chief of the Indian Air Force(IAF), said those criticising the deal must understand the procurement norms.

Deo said "all discussions on the deal" were taking place as people do not have adequate information about the procurement procedure.

"We are waiting for the aircraft to come. It is a beautiful aircraft. It is a very capable aircraft. It is a capability that we need quickly," he said on the sidelines of an event when asked about the controversy surrounding the Rafale deal.

But now, all the Indians and defence authorities don't have to worry about this deal as Rafale is coming in the country soon.

India will get its first Rafale contender streams in September this year with a service being arranged in France to formally hand over the front line battle planes to the aviation based armed forces. The advanced contenders — to be outfitted with the SCALP ground assault rockets that have a range well more than 300 km — will be flown by Indian pilots in France for in any event 1,500 hours as a component of the testing and acknowledgment process.

The main bunch of four battle planes is relied upon to be carried to India by May one year from now and will shape the primary squadron of Rafale contenders that will be sent at the Ambala airbase that is situated for activity along the Western outskirt with Pakistan. The 17 Squadron is relied upon to be the first to get the planes.

Indian pilots will experience broad preparing on the planes in France as a component of the agreement and will at first be given exercises on test systems for the full scope of missions arranged with the armada. While Indian groups are as of now in France to direct the task, Indian pilots have been getting broad presentation to Rafale attributes at two-sided air battle drills.

The Navy experienced comparative bores in May this year with the marine form of the Rafale during the Varuna arrangement of activities that occurred in the Arabian Sea. The Navy's MiG 29K warriors went facing French Rafale's in a standout amongst the most perplexing respective activities led between the different sides.

Senior flying corps officials state that the presentation of the Rafale — uniquely the outstanding Meteor rocket that out reaches each pakistani flying corps stream and the SCALP that can for all intents and purposes spread every last trace of the neighboring country — puts forth a defense for drafting the contenders in more prominent numbers.

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