Ram Madhav talks about Terrorism in Kashmir and said Pakistan Exploits it


Ram Madhav talks about Terrorism in Kashmir and said Pakistan Exploits it

Talking about the terrorism in Kashmir Ram Madhav made Congress and National Conference accountable for it.

Ram Madhav said that, "The BJP alliance was in power for just two and half years. It is the Congress, which through its alliances or proxies, ruled the states for decades and they are responsible for every disturbance and trouble you see in Kashmir today. They inherited problems which prevailed due to "Congress Misrule". Right from Nehru to till date, problems which we have inherited are due to the Congress misrule.

Terrorism and extremism are supported by Pakistan and ISI which is a unknown truth, but in 1987, when the local elections were rigged on behalf of Congress party and with the help of Farooq Abdullah, the unrest has turned into violence which was exploited by a Pakistan and ISI. Also, the Congress can-not escape the responsibilities for the mess they have created in Kashmir. It is known historically that in 1987 elections there was large scale rigging which led to serious resentment in the people of Kashmir as the entire mandate was distorted by Congress and its cohorts. That is when the unrest broke out that is what was exploited by Pakistan and it has encouraged terrorism in the valley."

This is how the BJP's national general secretary targeted Congress and attacked all members of congress and blamed them for terrorism in Kashmir. This war of words against Congress was started by Amit Shah on Friday Lok Sabha meeting when he also targeted Congress for all the Terrorism attack in Kashmir.

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