Jasprit Bumrah Opened About His Yorker : World Cup 2019


Jasprit Bumrah Opened About His Yorker : World Cup 2019

Jasprit Bumrah opened about his Yorker bowling after winning the last world cup match IND v/s BAN where he took 4 wickets. He always show his skills in every match and show his importance in the Indian cricket team.

He openly talked about how to use the Yorker to get the wickets. "You can't be perfect just in a day or y doing practice only once, it takes time, dedication, motivation and years of practice and hard work to achieve the milestone" said by Bumrah.

He also said that whenever I do practice in cricket net or play in cricket field I always focused on my bowling and the techniques to make bowling level up whether the bowl is new or the old in the last overs of match. "I always be ready for everything and always open my mind to make the best of it, the practice is everything. Yorker is also the same as other bowling but the techniques and the hard practice makes it the best length bowl" words by Bumrah. The next ICC World Cup match will be against with Sri Lanka.

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