2 Arrested For Clash With Cop For Riding Without Helmet


2 Arrested For Clash With Cop For Riding Without Helmet

2 Arrested For Clash With Cop For Riding Without Helmet

New Delhi: On Tuesday evening, a traffic police cop stopped a woman and a man in Delhi's Mayapuri who were riding without helmet. They misbehaved after being stopped by the cop.

According to the police, they both were heavily drunk during the incident.

The video of the incident has gone viral in which they both were seen riding without wearing a helmet.

On the complaint of traffic police personnel, a case has been registered as against them.

When the traffic constable stopped them, the lady jumped from the pillon and started arguing with the constable, constantly pushing backward the cop to get him away from the vehicle. The lady hit the cop with her mobile and snatched back the key, hitting his hand with her mobile when the cop tried to take off the key of the two-wheeler as to stop them from running.

Then the woman got back to her vehicle and started shouting that her brother has died and she had to rush somewhere and she can be heard shouting in the video "Please let us go. There has been a death".

The male companion along with her kept on sitting over the vehicle, been asking the cop to let them go. He was also attempting to move forward the vehicle but was stopped by another bike that blocked their path.

While all through the commotion, police cop maintained composure and can be heard asking them to park the scooty aside and let the law take its action.

A jam-like situation was created during the incident due to the drama which unfolded on the middle of a road as a large amount of onlookers gathered around to watch the incident.

Later, both the riders identified as Anil Pandey and pillon rider Madhuri were arrested.

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