Chawri Bazar faced tussle


Chawri Bazar faced tussle

On Monday night around 9p.m Chawri Bazar, an area in Central Delhi faced a tussle over parking. It all started with a small conflict between two men.

According to the police yesterday at around 9p.m PCR received a call which urged that there is small conflict which seems to be turning a fight between two men over the issue of parking.

After the police reached, they reported 3 FIRs which got registered.

The conflict arose when Aas Mohammad, a business man parked his scooter in front of Sanjay Gupta's house who owns a food cart. After initiating conflict they turned hit each other and police reported minor injuries too.

When asked to a police official he said, "As the news of the scuffle spread in the area, locals gathered outside the police station and raised anti-police slogans. But police officers pacified them and asked them to disperse as both parties were submitting complaint against each other."

Police took both of them to Hauz Qazi police station. After this incident took place in the same place a Durga Mandir is situated where around 11p.m in night a mob entered and destroyed the temple.

DCP of Hauz Qazi, Mandeep Singh Randhawa said that, "We have taken legal action and all efforts are being made to pacify tension and bring peace. People are requested to help in restoring normalcy."

Babita Gupta, wife of Sanjay Gupta said that, "Mohammaed had parked his scooter outside their house where her husband parks his cart everyday. "My husband asked Mohammaed to remove the scooter but he got agitated and started abusing him. Before leaving, Mohammaed threatened to return and teach him a lesson. He returned with around 15 men and thrashed my husband."

A senior police officer states that the fight on parking issue has now turned to communal dispute which can further take more serious turns.

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