Najafgarh Villages to Lie on the Grey Line of Delhi Metro


Najafgarh Villages to Lie on the Grey Line of Delhi Metro

DMRC is on constructing the GREY LINE after 25 years of DMRC. This Grey Line will connect Dwarka metro station on Blue Line to Dhansa bus stand in Najafgarh. This line will be 5km long.

It is reported that the line will be starting from the end of this year. Metro officials said work on this line is likely to be completed by September and the section will be thrown open for public by the end of the year.

This line will be having four stations namely- Dwarka, Nangli, Najafgarh and Dhansa Bus Stand.

The old station of Blue Line and new stations of Grey will be connected by 80m passage between both of them for line interchange. This line will be facilitating all the commuters travelling 10km to reach nearest metro station. With this new station will be providing parking too to its passengers outside the station, adhering to the Multi-Modal Integration Model (MMI) to accommodate the increased traffic in the area.

"The Najafgarh Station is where the section's depot in the network to have both broad and standard gauges," a Senior Metro Official privy to construction work said.

Dwarka station is likely to have solar panels on its roof will be generating nearly 180kilo watt electricity.

"The new station was constructed separately and later connected through an 80m bridge from the concourse area. Earlier, we had thought of connecting the two stations from platform itself by a 120m bridge, but that would have caused inconvenience," Metro Official said.

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