Delhi's contribution in global warming


Delhis contribution in global warming

New Delhi : Capital of country of diversity, Delhi is tittled with world's most polluted city. Residents of Delhi survive in a city which has a record of having a high PM level of 2.5. Air quality index of Delhi is generally moderate level between January to September and then the quality degrades even to hazardous conditions in last three months, this is due to fire cracker burning during diwali.

In year 2017 under chief minister Arvind Kejriwal Delhi faced a smog attack, due to which CM impacted a law even-odd vehicle law. This wasn't found much effective but proved that Delhi has a resgistration of 1, 05, 67, 712 and an ongoing registration of more vehicles. Not only this but there is rapid growth of air conditioner installation in Delhi. Multilevel-buildings having clearly different structure also use technology which releases harmful infectious air. Delhi industrial area famous for its manufacturing has 51, 837 factory set ups which uses high technology machines, all these machines releasing a high amount of infectious and non recyclable waste which on burning releases a great amount of infectious air.

All these factors in comes hand in hand making Delhi's residents to survive in a pollution hit city, under a threat of many acute diseases such as asthma, cancer and many more.

After all these it's not wrong to say that Delhi gives a great contribution in global warming. These surveys too states that 30 per cent of people says that every third member feel ill due to Delhi pollution, around 10,000 people die a year due to Delhi pollution(a study by IIT Kanpur).

There are many incidents which prove that Delhi needs to awake from pollution. In a match with Sri Lanka in Delhi many players faced vomiting due to pollution and were asked to play match with mask. Hence Delhi needs to buck it up with pollution and do something measure to overcome pollution.

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