Delhi BJP President and MP, launched a FIR on AAP government this Monday. The allegation on AAP Government is the corruption of around Rs. 2000 crores in the construction of schools in national capital Delhi. In a press conference Manoj Tiwari said that, "We are exposing a scam in which Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia are involved. An RTI has revealed that extra Rs. 2000 crore is given for the construction of rooms in schools that could have constructed in only Rs.892 crore. 34 contractors were given the task including their relatives."

Defending the corruption charges, Manish stated a fresh allegation against the BJP, alleging that the standing committee of the BJP ruled South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) come out with a proposal to construct 43 rooms in a school at a cost of Rs. 10.73 crore, which means Rs 24.95 lakh per room. This estimate doesn't include the cost of furniture, electricity fittings, water harvesting systems, sewage treatment plant, corridors, lab equipment etc, he said. "This means it is not the AAP but the BJP which is indulging in corruption," alleged Sisodia.

Opposition leader Vijendra Gupta alleged in Delhi Assembly that CM Kejriwal and his deputy were misleading public on the cost of construction of classroom in Delhi Government schools by drawing a comparison with the construction of a school building by the SDMC.

The construction estimate of SDMC for 2 floor building, starting from laying the foundation to the construction of pucca building comprising 30 classrooms, two storerooms, two officer rooms, two libraries and one hall equivalent to three rooms, two science rooms and toilets blocks on at each floor. The cost includes link provision for rainwater harvesting, earthquake resistant technology, structural stability, boundary wall etc, he said in a statement. According to sources, Ishika, a Class 12 student, said girl students would earlier bring mats to sit as there were no chairs and desks but all of that has changed now. Sisodia stated that, "the AAP government is ready to spend Rs 25 lakh for each room in a government school building if that fulfils the objective of imparting quality education."

The complaint was filed with the New Delhi district police. Citing an RTI reply, Tiwari had on Monday claimed that the AAP government constructed 12,782 classrooms at a cost of Rs 2,892 crore and this could have been done by spending just Rs 800 crore.

He had also demanded the resignation of Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, who is incharge of the education department.

"The Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister should straight away resign after these finding have come in light. We will be appealing to Lokpal for the investigation of this corruption," said Manoj Tiwari.

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