TIK TOK Celeb got Justice: Mohit Mor Case Solved


TIK TOK Celeb got Justice: Mohit Mor Case Solved

On may21 Mohit Mor was shot dead in Najafgarh by three unidentified persons. But Delhi police has solved this murder case and arrested the alleged.

Sandeep Pehalwan has found guilty for Mohit's murder. He has allotted three persons from his gang to kill Mohit. He took this decision as Mohit had a dispute with him on property.

DCP said, "After the information was received we raided the residence of the accused, from where he was arrested." He also added about the interrogation with Pehelwan and said "he was hiding in a secret cellar in his own house and during this period he was not using mobile phone."

Pehelwan is also been involved in 5 more cases. Some are of murder, extortion and attempt to murder. He even had jumped parole and was on run.

One of the senior police officer said that, "Pehelwan allotted 3 members of his gang to kill Mohit who are identified as Rohit and Vikas. These two are also identified as juveniles, a month back Pehelwan asked them to join his gang for his personal conflict with someone."

Pehelwan is famous as kALA in his local area also he has a very negative image in his locality.

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