Good news: Over 100 lionesses reportedly pregnant in Gujarat's Gir Sanctuary


Good news: Over 100 lionesses reportedly pregnant in Gujarats Gir Sanctuary

Over 100 lionesses are pregnant in Gujarat's Gir Sanctuary, Soon you will be able to see more lions in Gir National Park.

As per the census conducted by the forest department last year, the population of lions in Gir has seen a rise. The census put the total number of the felines in the state at 523, up from 411 lions counted in 2010.

The Gir protected area, consisting of Gir National Park and Sanctuary, Paniya Wildlife Sanctury and Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary, is spread over 1,412 sq km. The Gir sanctuary, located at Sasan in Junagadh district, is the only home for the Asiatic lions and attracts large number of tourists every year.

Since last October, 5.20 lakh domestic tourists and about 7,000 foreign tourists have visited the park, fetching a revenue of Rs 10.71 crore.

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