Karnataka kids unsatisfied with mid-day meal


Karnataka kids unsatisfied with mid-day meal

Tabarak, a 14 years old boy of Karnataka says "I like to go home to have lunch rather than eating mid-day meal.

"He finds the school food too bland, standing in a corner of home he says the saaru is too watery and sambar is too pheeka" says mother of Tabarak.

He studies at the government school up the road from his house where food is served six days of the week by Iskcon's Akshaya Patra foundation (APF) as part of the Central Government's mid-day meal scheme.

Near by girl named as Sabitha 11-year old girl says, "the food is not that much I prefer to eat at home because there the food is taste."

These two children are not the only who doesn't like the food but there are many like this girl Snehapriya 14 years old girl, "on some days, she will insist on taking to dabba from home but she won't eat the food served in school" her sister said.

At Snehapriya school to the food is served by APF. There can be many reasons for these children's unease with food. Karnataka Government as well as the Central Government should look into this matter at a concerned level.

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