Mumbai Airport's Main Runway shuts due to Terror of Heavy Rain.


Mumbai Airports Main Runway shuts due to Terror of Heavy Rain.

Mumbai: During heavy rain in Mumbai, so much inconvenience are occurring. Mumbai Airport Chatrapati Shivaji Main Runway got shutdown, it may take 48 hours to re- open and fix it.

Leading to this 54 flights were diverted to nearby airports like Goa and Ahmedabad.

Main runaway closed after the incident of Spicejet SG 6237 "Jaipur to Mumbai" flight overshot landing Monday night, A 150 metre ramp is in the development to move the plane. Boeing 737-800 are still stucked at the end of the runaway. It could take 48 hours to re-open the runaway after it was shutdown last night, Authorities said.

A secondary runaway is being operating while main runaway getting fixed. International flights getting all the inconvenience and have been delayed because the secondary runaway is not wide enough to run wide body Airplanes. 55 Flights have been delayed due to this, 52 flights have been cancelled.

While overshoot of spicejet landing at runaway, All passengers are safe, no injuries reported". 167 passengers and crew on board, according to spokesperson of Airline.

Air vistara, spicejet and indigo have been tweeted and posting messages on social media warning people to check the cancellation and delays of flights before leaving for the Airport.

Mumbai's going through heavy rain, according to Sunday night Mumbai received 540 millimeteres of rain. It is highest over a two-day period in the last decades.

The Maharashtra government has declared a Public holiday due to heavy rain in Mumbai today for the safety of public.

Railway services have aslo been affected and going through difficult circumstances by the heavy rain in Mumbai.

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