MiG-29K Fighter Aircraft Crashed on Goa Airport


MiG-29K Fighter Aircraft Crashed on Goa Airport

Goa international airport suspended its flights for two hours on Saturday as a MiG-29K fighter aircraft which was spilling the fuel. It caused damage to the airport too with the spilling fuel.

Airport Authority of India (AAI) on this stated, "Due to the jettisoned fuel tank on the runway during MiG sortie, the operations are closed for two hours at Goa airport. Please bear with us."

AAI Goa also tweeted that at around 4pm airport operation is likely to commence. The officials also that, "The Indian Navy personnel are of the runway and are repairing the damage occurred to the airport by spill of the fuel on the stretch. These are the external fuel tanks which are attached or adjusted with the plan so as to cover a large distance but during the launch the tank was jettisoned and due to this the jet needed to land on the runway and it caused minor damage while landing."

Around 7 flights were diverted from airport which there to land on Dabolim International Airport from around the country.

Three flights were diverted to Mangaluru where the officials said that once they get green signal from Goa airport, they will return the flight to Goa. They also mentioned three other flights are diverted to Bengaluru and one to Hyderabad and they all will return to Goa once everything is fix.

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