Nipah Virus detected in Kerala: Heath Minister of Kerala


Nipah Virus detected in Kerala: Heath Minister of Kerala

Nipah Virus is a zoonotic virus which gets transmitted from animals to human or through contaminated food or directly from people. Human infections range from asymptomatic infection to acute respiratory infection and fatal encephalitis. This virus was first detected in Malaysia in 1999.

In Kerala 23 years old college going boy has been infected by the virus. On this case Kerala Health Minister, K.K Shylaja said, "four more people are suspected to be effected by the virus."

One of the four suspect has been admitted in Kalamassery Medical College and other three have been isolated from public. In the four two are nurses, one is relative and other is conversance. The infected person has been reported to have occasional illness, with this samples of suspected persons are sent to the virology institutes at Alappuzha, Pune and Manipal.

Medicines and many equipment are provided by Kerala Medical Services. Special six-member team appeared for directions from various institutes. Many antibiotics have been procured from Australia.

Also, usage of immunoglobulin-monoclonal antibody has been allowed by Union Ministry.

Nipah Control Programme has been started and is coordinated by District Collector.

Other major controls, medicines, antibiotics and preventions will be taken in Kerala if required, said the Health Minister.

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