Police Regulation- Reference to British relics, other outdated provisions to go away


Police Regulation- Reference to British relics, other outdated provisions to go away

IG rules and Manual Amitabh Thakur, who has been assigned the task of reviewing the UP Police Regulation in tune with the modern times by DGP Sri S Javeed Ahmad today said that the present regulation needs many improvements which shall be soon proposed.

He said Para 305 contains reference to special provisions for European prisoners in police custody. Para 428 and 429 refer to Indian Police (IP) of British age while this has now been replaced by Indian Police Service (IPS). Para 471 has reference to tours of rulers, princes etc while Para 50 has reference to British rule Field Service Medal, Kings Police Medal etc.

Sri Thakur said Para 514 asks police officers to present their representation to State government in Hindustani as well as English while Para 528 talks of English being language of SP office. Para 530 makes knowledge of English compulsory for Reserve Inspectors.

Para 94 talks of deployment of village Chaukidar in Special trains of Presidents and Prime ministers and giving them Rs. 15 as special allowance while Para 418, 419 talk of stopping Horse allowance during suspension.

Regulation still has more focus on outdated crimes like animal theft and talks of notified gangs under Criminal Tribes Act while the Act has been repealed in 1949.

Para 466 says that Sub Inspector shall not be given award less than Rs. 10 while Para 476 says Chaukidar shall be given daily allowance not more than Rs. 2.50. Para 519 says copies of records shall be given for Rs. 01 upto 1500 words with 12 paise for additional 300 words.

Sri Thakur said the Rules and Manual office shall soon be sending a detailed draft for Police Regulation for today's requirements.

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