PUBG Became Reason of Death


PUBG Became Reason of Death

16 years old boy was rushed to hospital as he became unresponsive while playing PUBG.

On 28th may an incident was reported stating that a 12th class student, Farak Qureshi living in Madhya Pradesh died due cardiac arrest.

He was playing PUBG for moreover than 6 hours at a stretch said his father. Police has not been informed the death therefore they are not launching any probe.

He started playing PUBG from Sunday evening to early hours on Monday and slept for very less hours after waking up he had his breakfast and again started playing PUBG for 6 hours straight. Just before he became unresponsive he shouted, "blast it, blast it!!!!''

He was immediately rushed to hospital but couldn't be rescued.

It is just not one case of death caused by battel games, but there are many cases reported of the same.

Coming to the scientific reason behind cardiac arrest while playing game is that when children gets engaged in these types of battle game they connect their emotions and when they face attack or failure in game they eventually become prey of cardiac arrest. And their heart is not much strong that they could tolerate it and could overcome and hence they losses their life while playing game

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