Bird hits Jet Airways flight, travellers safe


Bird hits Jet Airways flight, travellers safe

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) : A Jet Airways flight suffered bird hit, few minutes before the landing at the runway at the Jodhpur Airport, on Friday.

The Jet Airways 9W 412 flight travelling from Mumbai to Jodhpur was impinged by a bird during the landing at the airport, due to which the aircraft captain aborted the landing.

A statement was immediately issued by the Jet Airways Airlines about the issue saying that as a precautionary measure, the captain decided to abort the landing and carry out a "go around."

"The aircraft landed safely and all guests were deplaned and transported to the terminal building," they said.

They further said that the aircraft is being inspected by the Jet Airways engineering team.

The Boeing 737-800 flight had 167 travellers and crew on board at the time. (ANI)

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