Those who are opposite to Gandhiji's thoughts have been taking his name: Nitish Kumar


Those who are opposite to Gandhijis thoughts have been taking his name: Nitish Kumar

New Delhi : In a veiled attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his initiatives that boast of Gandhian values, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday announced that school students in the state would be taught about Mahatma Gandhi everyday.
"Nowadays, those who are exact opposite to Gandhiji's thoughts have been taking his name and they think the masses respect him. The name of Gandhiji has immense power and I want people not only take Gandhiji's name but should also follow his teachings," Kumar said.

Nitish was speaking at a function here to mark Gandhi's first visit to Champaran hundred years ago.

Kumar added that this daily 'ten-minute teaching' would surely take students closer to the Gandhian ideology.

"About 50 stories are being compiled about Gandhiji for this. Our aim is inspire people to adopt the thoughts of Gandhiji," he said, adding everyone respects Gandhiji, but few follow his teachings.

The Bihar Chief Minister said he was confident that if even 10 percent of the new generation adopts Gandhiji's teachings, then India will be completely transformed in the next 20 years.

"When Gandhiji's thoughts will reach up to four crore people during the year-long celebrations, then I am sure the effect will not be only confined to Bihar only," he said.

Nitish Kumar also set off a Gandhi Smriti Yatra from Motihari.

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