Lawyer found dead at her residence in Noida

Uttar Pradesh

Lawyer found dead at her residence in Noida

A 60-year-old supreme court lawyer was found dead at her home

On Tuesday night in Noida sector 31 a woman's dead body was found in her bungalow who is reportedly to be a lawyer named Kuljeet Kaur.

Kuljeet Kaur, was found dead with her hands and legs tied up and her mouth gagged with a piece of cloth by the police.

Her dead body was first seen by her sister who lives in Shastri Nagar. Her sister tried to contact Kuljeet Kaur but her number was coming to be unreachable then her sister called the neighbors and asked them to see her, but when neighbors came to look for her they found something suspicious as the car was missing and the door were opened then they called her sister, Divya Bajaj, when she came she saw her sister dead and she immediately called the palice and registered a FIR in police station of Noida Sector 20.

Vaibhav Krishna, SSP, Gautam Budh Nagar with his team reached the crime spot. When asked about the case Vaibhav said that, "The police found the victim's hands and legs tied and her mouth gagged. Some blood had oozed from her nose. It looks like she had been strangulated to death. that the house was ransacked and some valuables were missing. There were CCTV cameras on the premises, but the DVRs are missing."

The husband of victim was retired Captain Navjot Singh who has already died in December 2018.

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