Noida Police Clashes With UP Gangsters

Uttar Pradesh

Noida Police Clashes With UP Gangsters

ADG Meerut Zone Prashant Kumar's campaign last night encountered few Zilas of Meerut Zone where Noida Police seeks a big victory, when the crime branch and the phase 2 police clashes with Amit Kasana and Randeep Bhatti's sharp eye shooter Maya Tyagi where he got serious injury.

ACP Vaibhav Krishan said that, "Amit Kasana and Randeep Bhatti's gang shooter Maya Tyagi was arrested by crime branch of Gautambuddh Nagar police and Phase 2 police in a clash. Accused is already charged for sensational crimes in past. Police has also recovered a revolver from him which is marked as stolen revolver. The revolver is a factory made having Ashok Stambh on it which indicates that it can be a government official revolver too. Amit Kasana is a wanted having arrest money of Rs.50,000. And Maya Tyagi is reported to be a worker under him."

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