Google Maps to have Speedometer Too


Google Maps to have Speedometer Too

Now the google maps also shows your speed while you are driving. With this google encourages safe driving. It comes along the navigation which you seek while driving. It displays the speed of your vehicle in left bottom corner of the screen. But the system doesn't operate with Android Auto yet.

With speed it also shows speed limit if you exceed speed advancing it and making it more useful. Speedometer is rolled from the server side, it is currently available in many countries such as US, Belgium, UK, Brazil but it shouldn't be long before it is rolled out to other markets as well.

Recently Google launched three India specific updates such as to show train routes and their real time status directly in the app only. It also show bus travel times in the largest ten cities in the country and mixed mode commute suggestions that combine auto rickshaw and public transport. For bus travel times, the Mountain View giant is using the combination of live traffic data and bus schedules to estimates any delays.

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