PUBG-Lite Version to Launch Soon in India Too


PUBG-Lite Version to Launch Soon in India Too

One of most famous game amongst the youth, Players Unknown Battle Ground nowadays has its lite version too. This lite version was first launched in January in selected countries. But now the PUBG in their official page on Facebook has announced that soon the game is going to be launched in India too.

Dates are not yet mentioned but soon Indian's will be able enjoy the 'PUBG-LITE'. It was initially launched in Thailand after which it was launched in 15 other countries too.

This lite version of the game was launched with the aim of increasing the player base by giving players with hardware limitations a toned-down version of the game to play. In the post, PUBG Lite said: "PUBG Lite will soon be expanding to India."

PUBG for PC costs approximately Rs 1,000. However, PUBG Lite is being made available to all users free of cost. The game experience is not that different and the game is also much lighter. To download the game you are required to download the official launcher, which will then download and install the game on your PC.

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