WhatsApp Stories to have ADs: Olivier Ponteville


WhatsApp Stories to have ADs: Olivier Ponteville

Recently Olivier Ponteville, the media head at a digital marketing agency based out at Brussels tweeted an image of a meeting where he was explaining new feature of WhatsApp stories.

It been revealed that Ads will be displaying soon in WhatsApp stories as shown in Instagram. A click of user on AD story will direct the user to the website.

Facebook gave story feature to WhatsApp in October 2018, which was just similar to Instagram story feature. This made users to upload stories on WhatsApp which automatically disappeared after 24hrs.

Since WhatsApp has Facebook as its parent company, Facebook native advertising system will power the advertisements. This feature of WhatsApp aims to help users understand and participate in businesses using this app and this feature will also give a good money turnover to company too.

WhatsApp co-founders are not much happy with this service of app according to them Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in a rush to make money from the messaging app.

In an interview one of the co-founders of WhatsApp Brian Acton mentioned that "Targeting advertising is what makes me unhappy."

Soon this feature of WhatsApp will be rolled out in market within user of WhatsApp messaging app.

We look forward for new updates from company to make all its users in benefit to use service.

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