Electric cars to develop after the union of BMW and JLR


Electric cars to develop after the union of BMW and JLR

Two of big companies of the cars world has been united to the world new electronic cars which will made with autonomous, connectivity, electricity and sharing (ACES) future.

Though BMW was first auto m9obile company to launch a fully electric vehicle, the BMW i3 in 2013.

Tata group has owned JLR and has also launched battery electric crossover SUV, Jaguar I-pace.

The union decides to have a joint team of engineers to be based in Munich, Germany will design the electric drive units, which then will be manufactured by two companies at their own facilities. On the other hand JLR will make the components at its Wolverhampton plant in UK, which employees 1,600 people.

Both the companies are there to race with the American automobile player Tesla, which has been an early mover in making eco-friendly and smart cars of future. Tesla said recently that it will make the Model Y electric crossover SUV in California to hit production volumes quickly.

This union will save costs as electrification technologies are expensive and hence both can take advantage of efficiencies arising from shared research and development, production planning and joint procurement of electric car parts.

Many of the BMW workers are here now working in JLR even the CEO of JLR has worked for BMW for two decades before shifting to JLR.

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