All around the globe, the KTM RC 125 has been an ideal student's device for supersport purchasers. Until half a month back, the little Austrian supersport was not marked down in India as it was considered excessively expensive. Nonetheless, KTM India saw the achievement the 125 Duke has accumulated and consequently chosen out the RC 125 an attempt in India too. Having said that, there are recognizable contrasts between the bike sold in India and the one sold abroad.

To meet Euro IV emanation standards, the RC 125 required a modified fumes framework. The underbelly unit was simply not going to cut it for Europe. Consequently, it got a side-threw exhaust, much like the RC 390. For India, the underbelly fumes was equipped for gathering the current BS4 standards. Furthermore, we need to state, the RC 125 looks healthy with the underbelly exhaust and we're happy it was held for India.

The KTM RC 125 that you can purchase in India weighs 154kg. That is 19kg heavier than the European-spec model. To pass Indian homologation laws, the cruiser required extra unit like saree monitor, snatch handle and a tire hugger, which isn't required for Europe. In any case, the distinction of 19kg is simply excessively.

In addition, the seat stature of the Indian model is 835mm, 15mm taller than its European partner. KTM has not uncovered why there has been such a monstrous contrast in seat stature. Furthermore, even subsequent to splitting our heads, we also can't thoroughly consider figure why there is such a major contrast.

Additionally, while there is only 157mm of leeway for the Indian purchaser, you get an extra 21mm of freedom abroad, on account of the side-threw exhaust.

KTMs and the shading orange go connected at the hip. Both RC 125s get an orange shading alternative. We can't resist the opportunity to be somewhat one-sided towards the Indian choice which goes well with the dark decals. The white decals on the universal RC 125 do stifle the wow factor just barely.

The two cruisers get Bosch ABS units. Be that as it may, while we need to manage with a solitary channel ABS alternative, European purchasers have the additional wellbeing net of a double channel framework. In the event that KTM offered the double channel unit, it would drive up the expenses. Subsequently, there has been a touch of cost cutting measure on KTM's part. Strikingly, the Yamaha R15 V3 offers double channel ABS and is Rs 7000 more reasonable than the RC 125.

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