Samsung Tab Iris is first commercial device to use Aadhaar data: Here are the specs, price


Samsung Tab Iris is first commercial device to use Aadhaar data: Here are the specs, price

Samsung Tab Iris, launched on Wednesday, will be the first tablet in India to aid digital authentication. As the name suggests the 7-inch tablet comes with an Iris scanner, which will help authenticate identity of those in front of it, using platforms like Aadhaar.

Samsung Tab Iris is priced at Rs 13,499 and currently there will be no retail sales. Instead Samsung will be focused on enterprise purchases for the Tab Iris as current uses are more in the assisted mode. The company says, it is not looking at individuals using it for some time.

Sukesh Jain, Samsung India Vice-President, showcased how the tablet could pull up his Aadhaar details by scanning his eyes. He said the product was designed by the company’s R&D labs in Bangalore.

TRAI chairman R S Sharma said a lot of pilfering happens in schemes like pensions because there is no way to authenticate the beneficiaries at the village level. “Aadhaar is the most cost effective ID system in the world. It is also scalable and unique,” he added, adding that its multi-modal biometrics that offer uniqueness at this level.

“India today gives about Rs 5 lakh crore as subsidy and in some states the PDS is about 130 per cent of population,” he said, adding how just saving on duplication saves the government Rs 50,000 crore.

Sharma said that while Iris has not really scaled up to the level of fingerprints, it is a much better mechanism of authentication. “People are yet to realise the power of authentication and the use cases possible,” he said, adding how he was happy to see the first commercial device in this space.

The device is protected by Samsung Knox and sends only encrypted Iris packets. It also has an open API letting developers create apps for the tablet.

In terms of specs, Samsung Tab Iris has a 7-inch WSVGA (1024×600 pixels) resolution, runs 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor, has 1.5 GB RAM+ 8GB ROM, 3600 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 with support for USB OTG host along with Iris camera and support system.

Source :- indianexpress

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