Baby Elephant Falls Into Water. Watch What Older Members Of Herd Do


Baby Elephant Falls Into Water. Watch What Older Members Of Herd Do

New Delhi : An incredible video, captured at Seoul Grand Park, Korea, is winning many hearts online. The video shows the brilliant reaction two elephants have when they notice that a calf from their herd has fallen into a pool of water. Posted on Monday, the video has collected over 18,000 views on Facebook. Another version, shared by TV presenter Paul Horton on Tuesday, has received over 27,000 views so far.

The video, most likely recorded on a CCTV camera, shows two elephants - one of which is a tiny calf - drinking water from a pool. Seconds later, the calf falls inside the pool and can be seen struggling to keep afloat. The elephant standing next to it earlier can be seen trying to figure out a way to help its friend. Another elephant, standing at the opposite end of the pool, can be seen running towards the elephants. What they do next is simply marvellous.

Both the older elephants can be seen rushing to another end of the pool so they can make their way into the water. The elephants can then be seen working in tandem in order to help the calf in water. All three elephants can eventually be seen making their way out together.

A fourth elephant, standing in an enclosure nearby, can also be seen pacing around as if it was helpless in the situation and wanted to come to the calf's rescue.

"They reacted like any parent would! Wow. And the elephant in the background is very concerned and agitated too. Elephants are so wonderful. I hope the day is soon when they are no longer hunted," says one Facebook user on the video. "This is the best thing I've ever seen," says another.

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