Afghanistan Capital faced bomb blast: 68 injured


Afghanistan Capital faced bomb blast: 68 injured

Kabul faced a bomb blast where in 68 people are injured and around 10 are reported to be dead

In the morning of Monday Kabul experienced a bomb blast. The blast was explosive and the attack was in morning when the streets were completely filled with people.

Nasrat Rahim, interior ministry spokesperson said that, "Gunmen have entered a building and they are clashing with the Afghan forces after the powerful blast." Also, the blast took place in front of the Defence Ministry building. The local police of the effected area say, "A car bomb exploded outside a defence ministry building. At least three fighters then ran into a nearby high-rise located near the ministry's engineering and logistics department."

Yet now no perfect reason is being allocated for this blast. Taliban as well as Islamic States of Iraq and Levant groups are seemed to be active in the area.

In Qatar, US and Taliban has been talking on many issues to be settled and this bomb blast can be related to that also. But the police officials state that the bomb blast cannot yet be charged to some community.

But govt. soon will be there to the know more about the bomb blast.

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