All About Solar Eclipse to be There Today


All About Solar Eclipse to be There Today

Today many countries of the world are going to see the total solar eclipse. In India total Solar Eclipse will not be seen but here are all details that how can u watch the eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse will not be witnessed by Indi. At around 10.25p.m (IST) the eclipse will start. The countries that will confront the total Solar Eclipse are Chile and Argentina only as the eclipse will be seen in the south pacific-ocean. But many countries will see the partial solar eclipse such countries are Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

For the interested people who are keen to watch the Total Solar Eclipse but their country is not going witness it can watch the eclipse by the following:

Solar eclipse app: People in locations where the solar eclipse is not visible can use the solar eclipse app of the Exploratorium museum to watch it. The museum based in San Francisco will stream the solar eclipse 2019 live from the National Science Foundation's Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile.

The live stream will kick off at 12:53 am IST which means it will be July 3 by the time this celestial event starts. The broadcast will also be available on their website.

Also, its harmful to watch the sun with naked eyes you can be hit by bad X-Rays and they can damage your eyes.

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