Dubai-Oman Bus Accident: 17 Killed and 8 were Indians


Dubai-Oman Bus Accident: 17 Killed and 8 were Indians

At 6pm on Thursday on the route of Muscat-to-Dubai route a bus with 31 passengers crashed into road sign. It is reported that 17 people are killed in the crash among which 8 were Indians.

Dead people include Rajagopalan, Feroz Khan Pathan, Reshma Feroz Khan Patahn, Deepak Kumar, Jamaludeen Arakkaveettil, Kiran Jonny, Vasudev, Tilakram Jawahar Thakur mentioned by a Tweet by a consulate in Dubai.

The consulate also added, "4 were discharged after first aid and three are receiving treatment at Rashid Hospital."

In initial tweets by the consulate it was said that 6 Indian have dead in bus accident by confirmation and seeking information about the dead it was re-tweeted that people killed in bus accident were 8 Indians.

Police in Dubai announced the death toll in tweets early on Friday. The bus company whose bus was crashed said it would suspend the service for immediate future, according to agencies.

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