Highest Peak Cleaned and 11000kg Bags of waste were removed


Highest Peak Cleaned and 11000kg Bags of waste were removed

World's highest peak Mt. Everest when was cleaned 11,000 kgs of waste was removed. This waste included 4 dead bodies, empty oxygen cylinder, tents and even human excrete.

For the clean drive Nepal Government involved 20 Sherpa. They found around 5,000 kg waste from several sites above the base camp and around 6,000kg waste from the area below the Dandu Raj Ghimire.

Bigyan Dev Pandey, Director at Public Relations Directorate of Nepal Army said, "Some of garbage was handed over to the NGO so that they can recycle the waste and use it again."

The 4 dead bodies which are found are now kept in the hospital. Two bodies were identified as Russian climber and a Nepali mountaineer. But the other two are yet to be identified. This peak has many dead bodies as more than 300 people have till date from the day when it was first conquered. The last season of climbing more than 11 people died on the same peak.

A place on mountain 8,000meters above the highest base camp has been named as the "deadly zone" as many die there because it becomes impossible for climbers to survive even for a minute without oxygen cylinder.

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