Spice-jet to start with international flights too


Spice-jet to start with international flights too

Spice-jet announces international flights routes too after the jet airways suspends its services

The specie-jet has announced 8 new daily international destinations. The 8 new flights will be from Mumbia-Riyad-Mumbai, Mumbai-Dhaka-Mmubai, Delhi-Dhaka-Delhi, Delhi-Jeddha-Delhi. The private airline has announced an introductory all-inclusive fare starting at Rs. 14,227 on Mumbai-Riyadh, Rs. 12,263 on Riyadh-Mumbai, Rs. 10,677 on Mumbai-Dhaka, Rs. 10,732 on Dhaka-Mumbai, Rs. 9,276 on Delhi-Dhaka, Rs. 10,432 on Dhaka-Delhi, Rs. 16,290 on Delhi-Jeddah and Rs. 15,263 on Jeddah-Delhi routes.

The flight service will start from 15 august 2019 and the schedule is as follow:

Mumbai to Dhaka at 8:55 AM from July 25

Dhaka to Mumbai at 1:20 PM from July 25

Mumbai to Riyadh at 9:10 PM from August 15

Riyadh to Mumbai at 12:10 AM from August 16

Delhi to Dhaka at 7:40 AM from July 31

Dhaka to Delhi at 11:30 AM from July 31

Delhi to Jeddah at 1:45 PM from July 31

Jeddah to Delhi at 5:50 PM from July 31

"We are delighted to add Riyadh as our tenth international destination and add more flights to Jeddah and Dhaka thus providing our passengers with multiple flight options," said Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director, SpiceJet.

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